Our Process Explained

Step 1:  Project Initiation – Getting it Right…From the Very Beginning

Selecpac USA learns your project requirements and determines our capability to help. We jump in or offer referral resources. We travel to your site to collect data including project scope, objectives, justification, budget, timing, and current processes. We also take initial field measurements for layout analysis because how the new equipment will fit into the existing space and interface with existing equipment is critical. We spend significant time in this area to ensure viability of the proposed solution.

Every part of a system must not only meet its specific requirements, but also seamlessly integrate with other line equipment. Attention to machine interaction and integration is paramount. Selecpac USA’s experience enables us to anticipate the dynamic nature of a system, identify any issues early on, and build full functionality and reliability in the early stages of the project.

Selecpac USA aggregates all field data, verifies details, and works closely with trusted suppliers to propose innovative solutions. Selecpac USA demands that every supplier meets our rigorous C4 standards: capability, capacity, commitment, and character. A comprehensive proposal for the total solution is generated and we work with you to reach a final proposal such that the project can be escalated and approved.

Step 2:  Equipment Build – It’s in the Details

Selecpac USA always offers an engineering review of project details before manufacture of the equipment begins. We collate all drawings, create a master layout, and provide other documentation for final approval. Adjustments are often made for the build out. Selecpac USA finalizes details of every component of the system and launches the build process at the supplier facilities. We maintain constant communication during equipment build.

Prior to shipment, Selecpac USA actively participates in factory acceptance tests for all pieces included in the packaging solution. Selecpac USA also coordinates your participation, if available. Potential issues are identified and resolved by a thorough review of all the specifications against the actual machine built, increasing the probability of success, right out of the box, during the start-up phase.

Step 3:  Implementation – Due Diligence Pays Off

Equipment is shipped directly to your facility where mechanical and electrical installation begins. Selecpac USA can supply these services if needed but, typically, we assist your contractors or personnel on site. Installation drawings are provided. Any issues are quickly addressed ensuring that the start-up remains on schedule.

Selecpac USA coordinates training for operations and maintenance personnel with factory-trained technicians. These technicians also complete final settings to the machines as necessary during start up. Selecpac USA is on-site for this critical phase, offering 24/7 support and assistance.

Step 4:  Continuous Support – We are Not Done Yet

Selecpac USA is available, post-start-up and throughout the life of the equipment, to offer support. Our follow-ups include finding spare parts, providing updated machine drawings and manuals, offering assistance to maintenance, identifying issues, providing further training, aiding in equipment repurpose or relocation, etc. When you need support for any reason, at any time, we are there.