Packaging Equipment

Capital Equipment for Packaging Lines

Selecpac USA independently works with a diverse group of vetted and trusted suppliers to provide capital equipment for packaging lines including fully automatic and semi-automatic options. Our unique relationship with our partner suppliers allows Selecpac USA to create machine solutions that effectively meet your requirements while drastically reducing the amount of your time necessary for success.

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A Client Experience You Can Count On

As part of our mission to provide the best in customer experience while creating innovative packaging line and machinery solutions, we work to stay educated on the latest technological advancements in our industry. Independent research, case studies, industry updates, and trade shows allow us to learn about the latest advancements to ensure we have the knowledge to build them into our solutions wherever they may bring the most value to our clients.

Below is a list of the types of packaging equipment we implement regularly, however, we are not limited to this list. For more information on our packaging system equipment experience, please contact us!

We offer a series of packaging machinery/equipment covering a wide array of categories:

Fill/Seal/Close Equipment

Our work begins at the end of your processing system. These machines fill and secure your primary package. Your packaging and product attributes will drive the equipment and method that we employ.

  • Form/fill/seal machines
  • Capping/lidding machines
  • Cartoning machines
  • Sealing machines
  • Wrapping/banding/bundling machines

Convey/Handle Equipment

Moving product can be tricky and often, an art. Layout, rate, and product configuration determine what is required. Typically, we are challenged to do a lot in a limited amount of floor space.

  • Accumulating/collating/indexing/counting machines
  • Conveying machines
  • Feeding machines
  • Denesting, orienting, stack/unstack, unscrambling machines

Inspection Equipment

Product integrity is number one. Our inspection machines and systems ensure the integrity of the label information and safety of your product. We provide only the most reliable systems.

  • Metal detecting machines
  • Checkweighing machines
  • X-ray inspecting machines
  • Verification machines

Case/Tray Equipment

Secondary packaging comes in many configurations. The possibilities seem endless on how to automate handling of your product into corrugate packaging. We’ll sort out the best solution for your needs.

  • Case/tray sealing machines
  • Case/tray loading/unloading machines
  • Case liner bag inserting/uncuffing/closing machine
  • Case erecting/tray/bliss box forming machines
  • Case pack/group/load and close/seal machine

Label/Code/Mark Equipment

Identification requirements on products are changing rapidly. Both primary and secondary packaging is impacted. We recommend robust systems that eliminate headaches.

  • Coding, dating, printing, marking, stamping, and imprinting machines
  • Labeling machines

End of Line Equipment

There are more options to get product ready to ship on pallets than ever before and robotic solutions are more feasible than ever. We shine in the application of robots coupled with innovative material handling solutions.

  • Pallet stretch wrapping/unitizing machines
  • Pallet dispensing/stacking/slip sheet machines
  • Robotic/conventional palletizing/depalletizing machines