Our History

Our History

In many ways, the seed of Selecpac USA was planted very early in my life seeing my grandfather’s work ethic and hearing his stories about selling Dairy-Vac to farmers in northeastern Wisconsin. He would hunt down a new silo and drive into the yard asking for their time and the opportunity to demo the equipment. He was often invited to sit down at the farmer’s kitchen table over a cup of coffee to hopefully work out a sale. If he didn’t make a sale, at the very least, he made a friend. My grandfather loved what he did and so do I to this day.

The Early Days

Selecpac USA is the third iteration of my professional experience in this business. The early days began in Fullerton, California in 1989 when I partnered with a former boss, well-versed in industry, and joined his small business representing manufacturers of packaging machinery. He taught me the industry, business in general, and how to sell. Soon, he had to step away, so I became the sole owner of The Total Package in Southern California in 1990, while working with a counterpart in Northern California. Seven years later, my wife and I got married and moved back to Wisconsin, where I grew up, to start our family.

Selecpac USA formed in 2001

Upon my return to Wisconsin, I partnered with Packaging Management LLC, a Chicago-based company, quickly learning everything I could about the industry in the Midwest. I had the opportunity, both in California and Wisconsin, to learn from the best in the business. I am grateful to my former partners, along with professional friends made in the industry, for their mentorship and sharing their invaluable experience with me.

I formed Selecpac USA in 2001 and expanded on my number of trusted suppliers. A short time later, a client requested that I take on full or turnkey responsibility for their packaging line implementation. It was at that moment I found my true calling – the perfect balance of my engineering background, my experience with diverse suppliers, and my joy in building strong partnerships. Every new machine and new line is an exciting puzzle and every client is a opportunity for a strong and bountiful relationship.

One of my greatest honors was receiving the 2008 External Partner of the Year Award from a client after a very successful new plant start-up. My relationship with them began with a cold call in 1999 and continues to this day.

-Kim Dax, Founder

-Kim Dax, Founder

Selecpac USA Founder, Kim Dax

Over the past 25+ years, I have called on thousands of prospective clients and worked hundreds of projects in several industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, diagnostics, food processing, beverage, paper, printing, petroleum, chemical, and consumer goods. Today, the majority of my clients are food processors.

I grew up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin with my parents and three younger sisters. After graduating from Two Rivers Washington High School, I began college at UW-Manitowoc and soon transferred to Purdue University where I earned a B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering. I began my professional career with Baxter International at the Hyland Division in Glendale, California. During this time, I received my certification in production and inventory management (CPIM).

Today, I live in Town of Erin, Wisconsin along with my loving wife, Christine, and five wonderful children. I enjoy spending time with my family, getting involved with activities and sports with my children, spending time in the outdoors, playing tennis, biking, skiing, and giving back through our parish and several ministries.