Palletizing System Case Study

Palletizing System

A 24/7 processor of frozen foods was experiencing difficulty in finding employees to hand stack 10 to 30 lb. cases of product on five packaging lines while seeing more than normal rates of injury performing this job function. Automatic palletizing and stretch wrapping were desired but a lack of floor space with non-negotiable fork truck traffic aisles as well as rigid material flow requirements severely constrained and stalled the project in the past.

The Challenge

Selecpac USA was charged with finding a solution. A workable layout was key to project viability. Selecpac USA stepped through a well-defined process of field study, customer feedback, engineered layout work, and consultation with trusted suppliers to find a solution that met all space and both material and fork truck traffic flow requirements.


The Solution

The system features a unique case conveyor layout including merging and sortation, space-conscious robotic palletizing cells with mechanical grippers, pallet dispensing, slipsheet handling, and world-class stretch wrapping with a small footprint.

Selecpac USA provided all controls for a turnkey system solution including installation assistance, start-up, and training. The new system drastically increased line uptime, reduced the rate of injuries, and efficiently met demands without compromise to material and traffic flow.