Line Accumulation System Solution Case Study

Line Accumulation System Solution

As part of a packaging line overhaul, a large petroleum division was tasked to increase production of a gallon-size container filling line. Although some equipment could simply be sped up, the bottleneck for increasing the line speed was the semi-automatic de-palletizer upstream of the filler.

The Challenge

During production, after an entire pallet of empty containers was transferred to the line, several minutes of production were lost bringing in a new pallet of empty containers and initiating transfer of the empty containers to the filling line. To resolve this problem, the goal was to accumulate an entire pallet of empty containers prior to the filler so that production would not be interrupted during the de-palletizer pallet change – with less than 20’ of line space to do it.

Line Accumulation Callout

The Solution

Selecpac USA was asked to provide a solution against all odds. A comprehensive field study was done to determine any and all space available in the immediate vicinity, despite equipment and aisles that could not be relocated. The envelope was tight, so we looked upwards and concepted a vertical accumulation system.

Selecpac USA consulted a key supplier to bring reality to the concept. The scope expanded midstream by adding additional capabilities to the system including quick changeover, optional direct flow (no accumulation), and a reject station for an upstream labeler previously provided by Selecpac USA. We provided all controls for a turnkey system solution including installation assistance, start-up, and training. Line efficiency and flexibility increased dramatically without compromise to the existing constraints.