Project Services

Project Services

Selecpac USA offers a single-source approach to turnkey packaging line solutions. From concept to installation and beyond, we work to create and execute packaging solutions for needs ranging from a single machine to fully integrated lines. We act as an integrated project resource, working closely with your team to build real solutions that provide real results. From independent evaluation to lifetime support of the equipment, Selecpac USA adds value to your team while offering the flexibility of a short-term project resource with the reliability of a full-time team member.

Working independently with an array of vetted and trusted packaging machine suppliers, Selecpac USA has decades of experience identifying and partnering with the right vendors to meet your project objectives. Our unique relationship with both suppliers and customers affords us the ability to identify vital details and potential issues prior to installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient start up.

Integrated Project Resource

At Selecpac USA, we adhere to a series of project execution standards that have been honed by over 25 years of experience in the industry. We believe in doing things the right way, the first time.

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Project Initiation

We work to understand your needs, objectives, and project scope to align our work to your expectations for an effective and efficient solution. We also work to achieve a detailed understanding of your project justification goals including:

  • labor avoidance
  • labor savings
  • increased capacity
  • new functionality
  • machine replacement
  • new product
  • reconfigured packaging
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Project Definition & Planning

Our data collection includes key project parameters pertaining to the product, product handling, production rate, and a thorough field evaluation. The aggregated project specifications and objectives are the basis for cost analysis with our vetted machine supplier partners. We compile a comprehensive proposal for the project and provide a detailed, on-site review of the proposal. We gladly make requested changes for further evaluation.

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Project Execution

Once you are ready to go, Selecpac USA launches your project with our supplier partners. We maintain open lines of communication regarding project requirements and details to ensure the final system and equipment meets all objectives while conforming to plant layout constraints.

Prior to fabrication of your equipment, we submit approval drawings for review and possible revision. This submittal also includes a complete system drawing to capture and evaluate work and material flow.

Project Step 4

Project Control

Selecpac USA actively monitors the manufacturing process. We are committed to ensuring the best equipment reliability and performance prior to shipment. We invite you to participate in the factory acceptance tests where you gain more equipment knowledge, receive initial training, and take ownership of the machines early on.

Installation begins with Selecpac USA, on-site, providing support and assistance including drawings for mechanical and electrical contractors. We are there during start-up for equipment fine tuning and resolution of any issues. Selecpac USA coordinates comprehensive machine training with factory-trained technicians. More formal training programs are available.

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Project Close

Selecpac USA tends to any and all needs in support of the system after start-up including spare parts, proper documentation, punchlist tasks, and additional training. We are here to support you not just for the duration of the project but for the life of the equipment.