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Ensure your success with our unique, single-source approach to packaging line automation.

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Total Solutions

Automation is key to today’s production process for all forms of packaged goods from food to petroleum and everything in between. At Selecpac USA, we provide total packaging automation solutions to get your product from the production line into the warehouse as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Real Results

Maybe you are automating a manual operation. Perhaps you need to add new functionality to your line or replace an existing machine. It could be you are spending a boatload on labor and are unsure what to do, or you are tasked with a full scope and need full-line integration. Selecpac USA is ready to provide effective solutions with real results.

Client Driven

There can be hundreds of details when considering automation implementation or updates and we’re here to handle all of them for you. For projects big or small, there is power in our approach – creating a positive client experience with proven results.

Packaging Equipment and Solution Services

Through a series of key partnerships with trusted and vetted equipment suppliers, 25+ years of experience, and an engineering framework, Selecpac USA provides single-source solutions for a variety of packaging requirements. Most manufacturing companies run lean. In-house resources may be limited. Personnel to handle crucial updates in packaging requirements may be locked down with other priorities. Selecpac USA acts as a project resource and can supplement your existing project team to evaluate, design, recommend, provide, and install packaging solutions. As a conduit for communication and action, Selecpac USA actively works to provide effective and efficient automated packaging solutions.

Our Equipment and Services

We provide the very best in packaging automation solutions.

Selecpac USA works to become a fully-integrated member of your team because client service is at the forefront of everything we do. From our 24/7 communication standards to our support throughout the life of the equipment, we work to ensure our solutions are the most effective for our clients’ needs. Through plant and equipment evaluation and continuous communication with our trusted and quality supplier partners, Selecpac USA acts as a single-source solution to provide automated packaging equipment and lines that meet the needs of our clients. From orchestrating critical factory assessment tests to specialized training and support, Selecpac USA is with you every step of the way.

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Establishing Requirements

Working with Trusted Suppliers

Presenting a Solution

Approval & Defining Details

Quality Control, Testing, Installation

Start-up & Training

On-going Support

Case Studies

All types of packaging come with unique automation challenges regarding their efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. As a single-source solution for our clients’ packaging needs, we work with our trusted supplier partners to evaluate all aspects of a packaging solution to ensure any capital equipment acquisition and implementation is the most effective for future success. Read through our case studies to learn more about our solution-driven process and our ability to create simple and effective answers to challenging packaging opportunities.

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Palletizing System

A 24/7 processor of frozen foods was experiencing difficulty in finding employees to hand stack 10 to 30 lb. cases of product on five packaging lines while seeing more than normal rates of injury performing this job function.

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Box Filling Line

Additional 15 lb. box production capacity was needed for a major nutraceutical manufacturer facing an aggressive schedule. Selecpac USA was asked to propose a fully automatic box packaging line while working around significant limitations.

Read Our Case Studies

About Selecpac USA

Selecpac USA, based in the heart of Wisconsin, provides quality packaging automation solutions for diverse packaging requirements across multiple industries with an emphasis on food, petrochemical, and other consumer goods packaging.

Selecpac USA provides solutions from single machines to fully-integrated, innovative, and fully functional lines for manufacturers to increase capability and efficiency while decreasing manufacturing costs and time from production to finished goods.

With over 25 years of experience with both large and small-scale businesses, Selecpac USA has worked as an integrated partner with both manufacturers and suppliers to offer the very best in packaging solutions across the Americas and Europe.

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At Selecpac USA, we believe in 24/7 accessibility. When you are working, we are ready to work for you. From performance to maintenance questions or for evaluation or quotes, you can reach us by phone or email. We will always provide our undivided attention to your needs.

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