Box Filling Line Case Study

Box Filling Line Solution

Additional 15 lb. box production capacity was needed for a major food additive manufacturer with an aggressive schedule. They designated an area previously used for raw material storage. The area was not optimal for the new line due to unfortunately located columns, tie-in constraints to existing equipment, and an unusual space configuration.

The Challenge

Selecpac USA was asked to propose a fully automatic box packaging line while working around significant limitations. Our work began with an exhaustive field study. A major engineering firm was contracted by the customer to handle physical plant system changes. Selecpac USA interfaced with the contract engineers to ensure the packaging line design meshed with changes in the plant. Also, since this customer had experience with these type of lines in the past, we reviewed the strength and weaknesses of current lines to make world-class improvements on the new line to support greater line efficiency.

The Solution

Selecpac USA ultimately designed a line layout that met all of the objectives especially maintaining good access to equipment for running the line with only one operator. Other key line features included case forming, bag inserting, filling by weight, settling, bag uncuffing/folding, case sealing, metal detection, labeling, and conveying. Selecpac USA provided all line control field devices for a plug-and-play solution with an existing control system.

We assisted both mechanical and electrical contractors during installation and coordinated the start-up and training with operators, maintenance technicians, and supervision. Full production was realized within hours after completing installation. Immediately, the line output and efficiency surpassed plant experience, when compared to similar production lines. The customer was able to fill their pipeline of the new finished product without a hitch.