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About Selecpac USA

Selecpac USA began as a single man operation working to provide the best packaging machinery to clients across the country. Over the last 25+ years, our client base grew, and our experience grew with it. Still piloted by the founder, Kim Dax, Selecpac USA is a value-added resource to businesses looking to expand their packaging line automation, whether with a single piece of equipment or a total packaging system. As a total project resource, Selecpac USA works to integrate with your existing team to create innovative solutions to packaging needs. From semi-automatic to full-on automation, Selecpac USA works with you to seamlessly integrate new packaging equipment into your operations.

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The Selecpac USA Difference

Our business is built on partnerships – from our trusted, vetted packaging equipment suppliers to our outstanding clients across the US, our packaging line solutions perform because we work together toward a common goal. Selecpac USA actively works to offer the best in client experience and seamless packaging equipment integration. We set ourselves to a higher standard. We believe in serving our clients with excellence.

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